Udderly Nuts Family Photo

Our Story


We're Stephen and Talia, co-founders of Udderly Nuts.

We love eating peanut butter straight from the jar. 

In 2020, we made it our mission to take our love for peanut butter and make it FUN. We spent months creating peanut butter treats inspired by some of our favorite foods, desserts, and candies. After several months of experimenting, we decided to share our treats with the world.

All of our products are made fresh by hand, four jars at a time.  Unlike other brands who sprinkle toppings on plain peanut butter, our products have toppings mixed throughout each batch, creating a ready-to-eat-spoonable-treat with no need to stir.

And those cute little farm animals on our labels...? When we started Udderly Nuts, we owned a pumpkin patch in our little Missouri town.  Our farm friends served as inspiration and are drawn by hand on each new label. 

With 20+ regular flavors as well as seasonal releases, Udderly Nuts has a flavor for every family member.  And as a family-owned business, we hope you enjoy it.

Udderly Nuts Farm Friends Daisy the Pig Peanut Butter Label
Udderly Nuts Farm Friends Franklin the Goat Peanut Butter Label

Say "HI" to our farm friends!